Peer Pressure

“While driving can be fun, it’s also a serious responsibility. Take this fact, for example: When a teen driver has just one other teen passenger in the car, the risk of having a fatal crash doubles.

Now, we’re sure that you don’t agree with your friends about every single thing, right?

So why would you agree with them about the best decisions behind the wheel? We encourage you to be your own person. We know that after spending some time learning here – and on the road – you’ll be qualified to make your very own decisions….the right decisions.

As a teen, you will be faced with all types of pressure to fit in. That includes behind the wheel. It’s not always easy to have friends pressuring you to do things you shouldn’t. That’s why we’d like to help you prepare in advance to have the courage to stand up for your own life when you find yourself in these difficult situations.


Ask your parents to talk you through some difficult situations before they happen, and how they could help you respond without embarrassment! No one cares more about your life and your safety than your parents, so they’ll be happy that you asked them for help.


You are being asked to get in a car with a driver who has been drinking, taking drugs, or you know engages in other dangerous behavior like texting and driving.


You work out a “code word” with your parents in advance to cover this exact situation. Before getting in the car, you text it to one or both of your parents.


When that parent receives that code word, they know to call you immediately.


This allows you to say to your friends, including the driver of the car: “I’m in big trouble. My Dad (or Mom) just called. I have to wait here for them to come pick me up. See you guys later!”

Remember, it’s, possible to have friends that are both cool AND responsible. Choose your friends as carefully as you choose your clothes and your taste in music. Because there’s nothing less cool than friends that may make decisions that put your life and others in danger. Don’t be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion. True friends will listen and understand when you don’t feel comfortable in a situation.”

source: Toyota TeenDrive364